Thoughts on: Minions (2015)

Minions Movie Poster
Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda; Written by Brian Lynch

-Straight away into the Minion’s Universal theme. Right.

-Ooh, great starting song. Me and this soundtrack will be so happy together.

-And this is a pretty cool starting animation.

-Okay, so let me explain.

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Thoughts on: Mr. Right (2016)

GOQYbyZWritten by Max Landis; Directed by Paco Cabezas

-I was eating lunch through the start of this movie, so i’m actually starting this about 23 minutes in.

-Love Anna Kendrick’s character so far, and she plays it so well.

-And Sam Rockwell seems a bit overpowered so far. We’ll see if he runs into any big struggles later on.

-Good at murder AND cute drawings of cats. He truly is Mr. Right.

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Thoughts on: Me Him Her (2016)

CdTFI3YUYAAaJ7OWritten and Directed by Max Landis

A short introduction, since this is the first:

Essentially, I’m trying to watch 200 films this year. In an effort to produce something creative out of that, I’m going to start writing down my thought process throughout the film, and post it here, largely (or entirely, in this case) unedited. This is movie #35

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Alright, so here’s an achievable new year’s resolution for you.

I came up with a couple this year, including getting a tattoo and working out. The first one might happen, the second one’s a classic “I’m gonna make people think I’ll improve my life this year, but actually it’s never gonna happen.”

So I came up with a fun one. It’s one that I think I posted a couple years ago, but never achieved. Didn’t even get close. I’m planning on watching 200 movies in 2016.

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So here’s the thing about Star Wars: Battlefront

It makes me very confused about whether or not I hate the empire.

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